While some guitarists lower their E strings down to D for a chunkier sound, Miner guitarists Jeff Sollohub and Tim Beattie take things a bit further south to get a super-thick and beefy tone on most of the cuts on the band's six-song EP, Building a Rocket. These guys share an obvious affinity for Queens of the Stone Age and Tool; on "Medicine," especially, both the vocals and the music recall the latter band. While most of the cuts are fueled by that low end and some cool guitar harmonies by Sollohub and Beattie, the closer, the laid-back R&B-tinged "Gaines St.," is a complete departure from the rest of the EP because there's no distortion on the guitars. It also shows that while these two can get thick and heavy as hell, they aren't afraid to completely lay back, either.


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