Mingo performs on April 16 at Art Network

If you grew up in the Midwest during the '80s and '90s and you were a little different, chances are you had a brush with all that groundbreaking electronic and experimental music that came out on Wax Trax Records. Mingo — due at Art Network (878 Santa Fe Drive) on Saturday, April 16 — did, too. But as the '90s progressed, he took his music in increasingly abstract directions. In the last decade, Mingo's compositions fit in with the ambient-music aesthetic championed by the radio programs Hearts of Space and Star's End (both of which have featured Mingo pieces). Though influenced by Eno's work in the Ambient series, Mingo's instincts wax into darker territory without sacrificing an expansive sense of wonder at the unfolding mysteries of life, the universe and everything. This rare live show celebrates the recent release of the hypnotically contemplative Formidonis Tentatio.


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