Miracleman, March 2 at Rhinoceropolis

Miracleman started life as the British Captain Marvel in the 1950s. But he got a makeover in the early 1980s when he benefited from the brilliantly dark imagination of Alan Moore. Later, Neil Gaiman picked up where Moore left off and imbued the series with his own genius for the weird. The band of the same name — drawing some inspiration from the Moore-and-Gaiman era and offbeat comic art in general — brings together eccentric melodies, noise rock, psychedelia and splintered rhythms. If punk hadn't increasingly codified its aesthetic after 1978, there might have been more bands like this with the same feisty spirit and energy, and without a paradoxically built-in hatred of art. Miracleman (due at Rhinoceropolis on Wednesday, March 2) offers hectic and headlong dynamics that may rankle conventional sensibilities, but they're also part of the band's rough-hewn charm.


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