Missing DuFrenes at Larimer Lounge

Taking their odd name from a bit by Mitch Hedberg, the Missing DuFrenes write good old-fashioned rock and roll with a dash of tomfoolery. While many bands mining similar territory opt for some kind of blues thing, Jonathan Snyder and Peter Higgins crib from the shambolic rock of the Replacements, with melodic hooks that sidestep the cheesiness that plagued most later-era pop-punk bands. There is also nothing stripped down about the music these guys produce, despite their being essentially a two-piece unit. Instead, you'll find an invigorating drive and scintillating guitar work. As with their clear influences, the Dufrenes are good for a nice, acerbic, lyrical turn of phrase. Catch them at the Larimer Lounge this Friday, March 6, when they serve up their debut long-player of engaging, energetic power pop.


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