Quick: Name three things that come from Denmark. Drawing a blank? You know, Denmark. It's that little Scandinavian country that owns Greenland, used to reign in blood over vast swaths of northern Europe and until now has been known mostly for tasteful furniture design. Well, Danish metal quintet Mnemic (the Greek word for "memory") is bringing back the blood. Next month, the melodic, thrashing, occasionally industrial metal act will release its third brutal full-length and just might become its homeland's most celebrated export -- aside from cheese Danish, Dane Cook and Great Danes. With formidable song titles like "In the Nothingness Black," "Psykorgasm" and "Pigfuck," the record is filled with roller-coaster dynamics, blisteringly fast riffs and plenty of seething Nordic aggression -- the kind that comes from enduring short, cold winter days and interminable summer nights. If something is rotten in the state of Denmark, it might be because Mnemic killed it, eviscerated it and buried it in the basement.


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