Mochipet at Beta

At some point in the future, all music is going to transmogrify into one big crazy-ass mess of sound, and the smart money says that future fusion is going to sound a lot like what Mochipet — aka David Wang — is doing right now. He's worked with everyone from Berlin techno masters such as Ellen Allien to hip-hop MC Casual, placed tracks on Fuel TV and on video games such as NBA 2K9, and recently released an amazing wobbly-bass "Thriller" remix that probably had MJ's zombified corpse busting moves in his secret grave. The DJ/producer/label head of Daly City Records is something of a musical mad scientist, cross-breeding masterful hybrids of cutting-edge hip-hop, squelchy electro and hard, crunchy, digital-noise experimentalism. Those elements undergo an alchemical transmutation in his hands, and the results, naturally, are pure gold. Head down to Beta's Beatport Lounge and hear it for yourself Friday, October 23.


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