Modern Witch at Glob Glob Glob

Mario Zoots and Kristy Fenton, the duo behind Modern Witch, are better known in the world of visual art. Just the same, on their first musical project, the two have successfully translated their artistic talent from one medium to another. In the live setting, the group seems equal parts performance art and dark electroclash dub; its auspicious debut performance showed a band that seemed to have arrived fully formed, with an immediately arresting and individual sound in an already crowded field of electronic music. Recalling the recording experiments of Kathleen Hanna for the Julie Ruin album and the hauntingly beautiful yet danceable drones of Broadcast, Modern Witch (due at Glob Glob Glob on Wednesday, October 15) recorded its admittedly super-lo-fi debut album onto VHS. A willingness to experiment like that, exercising the imagination, is clearly what this act is all about.


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