Molina Speaks

Is Molina Speaks the greatest rapper never heard? Perhaps. Without a doubt, he deserves to be heard, and he's certainly one of the better rappers on the scene. He's a treat to listen to, mostly because he doesn't take himself too seriously. His skits, for example, are genuinely funny and insightful, with help from the Black Actors Guild. He makes fun of both willfully ignorant and excessively political rappers, realizing that interesting music is varied and complex. Beyond that, he's an excellent rapper, able to put together enjoyable, interesting songs and even rhyme bilingually. The music draws from several genres, including funk and violin-inflected rock (à la Eldren's Josh Lee), and the strong beats succeed whether they aim to incite or mellow. Sometimes it's a task to listen to conscious rappers, but that's not the case with Molina Speaks. This album is focused thematically and carries several ideas through to fruition.


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