Monster Magnet

When it comes to our vices, we can either surrender to guilt or revel in impropriety. Monster Magnet makes the choice easy. Revel, man, revel!

Dave Wyndorf's crazed contraption, which shares the stage at this show with Bongzilla and Black Lamb, is utterly impervious to critical analysis. On paper, the band's combination of strutting, cocksure vocals, immense riffs, cheeky arrangements and lyrics that are either profoundly stupid or stupidly profound, depending on your point of view, should result in a catastrophe of Wagnerian proportions. Instead, Wyndorf's unquenchable enthusiasm for rawk's rudiments -- even the ostensibly silly or embarrassing ones -- turns this Monster's music into a politically incorrect pleasure orgy. Witness Monolithic Baby!, the combo's latest disc, which runs the head-pounding gamut from "Slut Machine," featuring the inspirational verse "Climb on top and rock-a-rolla me 'til I'm dead," to "CNN War Theme," a tune whose ideology begins and ends with kicking ass.

To hell with guilt. Let's start a revel-ution.


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