More free music from Mike Marchant
Kinsey Hamilton

More free music from Mike Marchant

If Mike Marchant isn't the most prolific songwriter in town, he's pretty damn close. Dude writes songs with a frequency that roughly rivals breathing. This afternoon he posted another set of songs for free download on Bandcamp that he's titled Lost and Found Sounds (2008-2011). As the title might suggest, the tracks are an assortment of odds and ends, "lost jams," as Marchant puts it, that he unearthed on various hard drives, including "Wait for It," originally intended for Indulgent Space Folk Vol. 2, and "Let's Get High," a Bad Weather California cover.

"'Let's Geth High' is a Bad Weather cover I did in one night when I couldn't shake the melody while I was trying to work on my own songs," Marchant explains. "I think I was trying for Bad Weather via Mutations-era Beck."


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