More Than Medium

Pristinely recorded at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, More Than Medium's eponymous debut is as polished and by-the-numbers radio-friendly as it gets. If ever there was a formula for igniting a heated Love affair with broadcasters, this quartet has followed it down to the letter. In the span of three songs that have a running time of just under twelve minutes, More Than Medium makes a strong case for why it should be considered as a contender for Denver's next breakthrough mainstream act. Fans of straightahead, guitar-driven rock in the vein of Default and Nickelback will instantly recognize and embrace the patented ebb-and-flow dynamics of those bands on Medium, where subdued verses bookend exploding choruses built upon gigantic hooks while ascending/descending octave chords bridge the ends together. There's a distinct line between those who find alt-rock anthemic and those who consider it anemic. Regardless of which side you fall on, Medium more than lives up to its name on this disc.


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