Call it a revival, a tribute, a throwback, whatever; any synonym will fill the space, but it won't really say anything. Music is a vast universe, each band a tiny blinking light, collectively influencing any who would gaze into the infinite black sky. So to call an act such as Mothership derivative is not inaccurate, but foolishly unnecessary. The group -- which comprises the anomalously named guitarists Shandacron, Bartleby and Bangie Schuxorz, drummer Jables, bassist Valuebert and flutist Kalebe Dance -- makes ethereal and gossamer pop music that lilts at overindulgent shoegazer rock. But there's something decidedly un-modern about Mothership. Whereas outfits such as Dead Meadow or Kinski are refashioning the space-rock genre, Mothership is instead like a late-'60s psych-rock band that never was; it's got more in common with Dave Brock than with Anton Newcombe. Fall into the golden void this Monday, February 12, when Mothership lands at the Bluebird Theater, in the company of Achille Lauro and Dualistics.


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