Mourning Sickness CD release, April 26 at the Oriental Theater

Unless you've been to a Larimer Lounge barbecue or perhaps an odd night when the Denver Art Rock Collective invited this band on a bill, chances are you haven't heard of Mourning Sickness (due this Thursday, April 26, at the Oriental Theater). That's unfortunate, because the members of this trio, though tentatively embracing the descriptor of "progressive," are mutants with a leg in punk, another in Zappa's warped imagination and a third in Bizarro rock-and-roll heaven. They have about as much in common with Genesis as the Beat Farmers had with Conway Twitty. And that's just based on the band's latest release, Gets in a Ruction, which will be available at this show. Mourning Sickness's irreverent and eccentric sense of humor aims the snark inward just as often as it does at anyone who has bothered to take a closer listen.


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