Moutin Reunion Quartet

Before becoming full-time musicians, Paris-born twin brothers Louis and Francois Moutin were well on their way to getting "real" jobs: Francois had an engineering degree and a doctorate in physics, while drummer Louis had earned a master's in math. But in 1985, when they were 24 years old, the brothers decided to play jazz instead. Bassist Francois kept the pulse going in Martial Solal's Trio, while Louis kept time for the Machado Trio. Five years later, itching to perform their own material, they formed their first group. It wasn't until 1999 that they put together the Moutin Reunion Quartet. For 2005's thoroughly swinging effort, Something Like Now, the twins recruited pianist Pierre de Bethmann and former Miles Davis sideman and saxophonist Rick Margitza, who will also perform at Dazzle. Judging from the quality of their innovative compositions and playing on the disc, it's a good thing they never got day jobs.


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