MP3 Freeloader: Joy Subtraction
Abe Brennan during his Wretch Like Me Days

MP3 Freeloader: Joy Subtraction

Colorado might not necessarily need another supergroup, but it's hard to argue with a lineup like that of Joy Subtraction. The new trio comprises singer/guitarist Abe Brennan (formerly of Wretch Like Me and The Things They Carry), bassist Matt Regan (formerly of Matson Jones) and drummer Brian Polk (formerly of The Gravity Index and Ghost Buffalo). In advance of the band's BBQ show at the Larimer Lounge this Sunday, August 9, Joy Subtraction has shared a rough mix of its song "CPAs Unite" with us, which we're now of course sharing with you. The tune, which was recorded at the world-famous Blasting Room in Fort Collins, is a hearty slab of progressive yet heartwarmingly old-school artcore. Along with the Joy Division-referencing name and the group's covers of the Minutemen and NoMeansNo, it's clear Brennan, Regan and Polk have some pretty impeccable taste. Download the song after the jump.

Download ""CPAs Unite"" from Joy Subtraction's new album.


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