Mr. Party Hard crashes 3OH!3's "House Party," rocks the hell out of the remix

Mr. Party Hard crashes 3OH!3's "House Party," rocks the hell out of the remix
Yep. Still not quite desensitized enough to not be creeped out at seeing Andrew WK with all that blood pouring from his nose.

Um, yeah, so this just happened: Guess who just crashed 3OH!3's little house party ... Okay, times up. Give up? Mr. Party Hard, and he's rocking the hell out of the remix, evidently. Yes, Andrew freaking WK! We repeat, WK? WTF?! Raise your hand if you saw this coming. Seriously? You did? Gotta be honest, we didn't. We certainly should have, though, we suppose. Both acts have a similar predilection for being completely over the top, right? So, actually, the pairing makes perfect sense. Still, odd timing, wouldn't you say? In case you missed it, both acts appeared on Backbeat in the past week -- 3OH!3 for, well, the invitation to its, ahem, "House Party," and WK for the utterly fascinating yet unsettling stories he shared from his teen years in The Guardian earlier this week. Two separate items, one odd convergence. What are the chances, really?

Andrew WK: "I'm totally psyched to party with 3OH!3 and rock the hell out of this remix! I love their "House Party" tune - it's heavy as a sack of ice! Together, we are spreading the party vibes around the world."

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