Mr. V

Though his name may not be as recognizable as those of top-level superstar DJs, among house-music cognoscenti, Mr. V has plenty of cachet. But even if you've never heard of him, the most cursory listen to his smooth blend of deep, soulful house music will illuminate his abilities behind the decks. His track selection is reminiscent of the halcyon early days of dance music, when there were no genres and no rules beyond "Keep the dance floor bumping" — which he does. His mix of influences incorporates disco, soul, Latin, hip-hop, garage, R&B and jazz, flavors that come out not only in his mixes, but also in his excellent productions and remixes, such as the well-received recent EP Tales From the Deepside 2. It's no surprise, since his roots go back to an apprenticeship with the legendary Louie Vega and the early New York scene. And now Mr. V will be in Denver for the first time on Friday, May 1, thanks to Denver House Authority and the Treehouse Collective. For info and tickets, e-mail or


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