Ms. Led

Veiled allusion, subtle metaphorŠ. Fine for Joni Mitchell, not so much for Ms. Led. The coed Seattle quintet recently unleashed its sophomore full-length, These Things We Say, an utterly straightforward and plainspoken post-riot-grrrl statement that draws from Team Dresch and Sleater-Kinney even as it pares song and sentiment down to a pointed pop-punk attack. Invoking Kathleen Hanna the way the Clash did Wayne Kramer, Ms. Led's anthem, "Stigma," is a clarion call to arms for feminists and all who sympathize. But singer/guitarist Lesli Wood and her crew have their share of love songs, too -- usually in the form of candid blasts of agitated heartbreak that empower rather than wallow. The group takes the 15th Street Tavern stage following the FlashBangs and Supply Boy. If you're looking for a set of dance-inducing intelligence and brutal honesty, Ms. Led will lead you there.


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