After fifteen-minute phenomenon Death From Above 1979 melted down, bassist Jesse Keeler joined up with producer Al P to make MSTRKRFT his full-time gig. MSTRKRFT takes the anarchic dance-punk chaos of Keeler's former band and transmutes it into teched-out, disco-fueled electro-house. Raw, growling synthesizer tones chug out big, infectiously catchy riffs, while drum machines deliver banging rhythms and robo-sexy vocodered voices purr out vaguely sleazy come-ons. The music owes as much to brothers-in-beats Daft Punk as it does to DFA 1979, but it manages to retain some of the edgy intensity that the latter act traded on — albeit in a much more dance-floor-friendly guise. With Keeler's pedigree, an easily accessible electro sound and a string of high-profile remixes for bands such as Metric, Bloc Party and Wolfmother, MSTRKRFT (due this Thursday, October 25, at the Church) is poised to achieve the kind of crossover success enjoyed by its Daft counterparts.


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