MSTRKRFT men Jesse F. Keeler and Al-P, appearing with Felix Cartal and LA Riots, are regularly accused of borrowing from their dance-tastic predecessors rather than taking the genre's sound to new places — and based on the sonic familiarity of their debut long-player, 2006's The Looks, this argument has some merit. But the most important thing about body music is its ability to, well, move bodies, and there's no denying that theirs does. The two shrug off subtlety in favor of aggressive, piston-pumping beats that regularly turn sitting into twitching and twitching into full-on ass-shaking. They're capable of turning just about any tune into a stomper: Witness their transformative remix of "Green Light," by John Legend, who's hardly a deep-house staple. Likewise, "Bounce," a preview track from their forthcoming Fist of God album, is the sort of relentless party-starter capable of making questions about originality seem totally beside the point.


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