Municipal Waste

Richmond, Virginia's Municipal Waste makes no bones about its influences. It's easy to hear the frantic pace of D.R.I. from Crossover in the act's music, not to mention the dynamics and pacing of Anthrax circa Spreading the Disease and some guitar-style nods to early Slayer. Like all of those bands, this foursome doesn't bother to hide the healthy sense of humor that informs so many of its songs. (Its 2003 album is called Waste 'Em All.) Playful iconoclasm aside, Municipal Waste has long been an entertaining band, one that's managed to capture the spirit of pre-1986 thrash without coming off like the thrash equivalent of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Touring in support of their upcoming album, The Fatal Feast, these guys will make you laugh at them and with them.


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