Murder Junkies

Murder Junkies are still killin' it.

The Tennessee Three backed Johnny Cash. Elvis had the Jordanaires. And the late, great GG Allin had the Murder Junkies, a crew who saw more of his backside, front side and underside than Allin's seventeen-year-old girlfriend. Allin died in 1993, wearing feces and a mini-skirt, his face in a bag of smack. After his death, in a show of fraternal devotion not seen since the Allman Brothers, Merle, Allin's bass-playing brother, continued on with a revolving crew of singers filling in for the deceased one, whose antics often overshadowed the music, a guitar-driven mixture of Stooges and Dead Boys rock. This tour also features drummer Dino Sex, a neon leprechaun who gives the term "skin pounder" new meaning, and Paul "P.P." Duvee of opening act They Hate Us, a band with similarly crass but more lighthearted lyrics. Now if the Junkies really want to pay tribute to the chaos of GG, they should look to the audience for vocalists.