Musiq Soulchild

Talk about truth in advertising: Musiq Soulchild's moniker is the absolute truth and nothing but the truth. Born Taalib Johnson, the R&B crooner sounds like the direct descendant of soul music's finest, a long line of emissaries that includes Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross, among others. In 2000, Soulchild broke into the neo-soul scene with the incredibly sweet single "Just Friends (Sunny)," from his debut album, Aijuswanaseing. His mellifluous tone and lyrical persuasion on that track made asking to come over and "just chill" a pick-up line mainstay. The Philly musician is a master of the vocal art, churning out hits like "Love" and "Halfcrazy" that could legitimately be considered classics. A live interpretation of his love letters is bound to be intimate and sexy.


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