Considering that its moniker is borrowed from a Native American term meaning "wild with madness," it's not surprising that Musuji is a bit unhinged musically — but the band doesn't stray too far out there. From the get-go on this ten-song album, the quartet shows off its heavy side. On the opening cut, the tom-heavy "Thunder Thief," and the second half of "Famous Vacation," frontman Arnie Blomquist vigorously raps, screams and sings his way around the tunes in a style that recalls Zack de la Rocha. The band, meanwhile, has no problem injecting muscle into cuts like "Espionage," while bassist Thom Whitney keeps things funky on "Sub See" and "Winestain." That said, the members of Musuji have a decent handle on dynamics and can go from loud to soft at the drop of a dime.


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