My Bloody Valentine at the Fillmore

My Bloody Valentine at the Fillmore
My Bloody Valentine (Aaron Thackeray)

My Bloody Valentine, Kurt Heasley and Bright Black Morning Light
Friday, April 24, 2009
Fillmore Auditorium, Denver
Better Than:
Mere nostalgia for the band could account.

My Bloody Valentine at the Fillmore
Bright Black Morning Light (Aaron Thackeray)

Bright Black Morning Light, who opened the show, is actually a remarkably good band, but some of its power was compromised in this setting and with the mix it received. Instead of the intensity and richness of sound we've come to expect from Bright Black, the act sounded a bit washed out. Just the same, there were moments where the band's power came through in spite of everything.

My Bloody Valentine at the Fillmore
My Bloody Valentine (Aaron Thackeray)

The flood of low end pummeled even at the halfway point to the back of the room and you could hear Butcher's and Shields' guitars beautifully weaving and wailing like the air raid siren in the Rod Taylor version of The Time Machine. The sounds built to an unbelievable intensity and when the band launched back into the main refrain of the song the intensity raised to a nearly incomprehensible level beyond that. I've seen some loud, noisy bands in my time but My Bloody Valentine went beyond anything else I've yet witnessed with that closing song and left no one wondering if there would be an encore because nothing could have surpassed it.

Critic's Notebook:

Personal Bias: When I first heard Loveless in 1991, it had a bigger impact on me than Nevermind did.
Random Detail: I met the affable Jim Yelenick after the show.
By the Way: The members of the band post-show seemed like nice, friendly people, especially Googe.

Editor's Note: Tom Murphy filed this review on Monday morning, but due to an oversight on our part, it didn't get posted until now. Our apologies for the delay.

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