My Calculus Beats Your Algebra

Write this down so you don't forget it: My Calculus Beats Your Algebra is the least pretentious band in Denver. True pretension, after all, lies in trying to be something you're not. And with its self-titled CD, the duo of Bryan Danknich and Thorin Klosowski proves that its uncompromising blitz of discord gives exactly zero fucks about what music is supposed to do or be. Like a Geiger counter aimed at the liver of a Chernobyl alcoholic, the disc is overloaded with iotas of electro abrasion, staccato ambience and tribal throbs, a firestorm of neutrinos and anti-matter that peripherally hints at the anarchic splay of Bastard Noise, early Black Dice and Nurse With Wound. But even while flipping a middle finger at tacit structure and songcraft, My Calculus reveals a self-contained logic, integrity and -- dare it be said -- even beauty. Like every dose of unsugared honesty and catharsis, the disc is hard to swallow -- but no less nutritious because of it.


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