Myke Charles

Even though it's far from the best cut on this mixtape, the song most emblematic of Myke Charles on Flight Plan is "Angels & Demons." As Charles says, he's "tryin' to keep it real, but also tryin' to make a million." And he could do it. He's already doing half of it, because his lyrics are real (albeit conflicted, which doesn't seem to affect his confidence). As a rapper, Charles is extremely well rounded. He infuses his words with meaning, then dances them to the beat with wordplay and rhyme. The instrumentals on Flight Plan are well chosen, even though he borrows some, and though he does them justice, they're too familiar to stand independently from their originals. Charles takes risks with his honesty, but not enough with the production or songwriting to render this a great release. As it stands, Flight Plan is only a very good mixtape.


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