For the past two years, Myrical has been working with some of the most talented hip-hop musicians in Colorado and abroad, and #WorkFlow Vol. 1 is a presentation of that work. Myrical is not a trendsetter, for now, but he does follow them well: By tape's end, he and his collaborators have effectively "done" Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Tyga, Meek Mill, Drake and more — not quite as well as the originals, but well enough. It's an enjoyable listen all the way through, helped in no small part by the tape's production, which comes from various sources but is mostly radio-quality. There are some standouts here, too, notably "Riding Through the City" and a localized rehash of Drake's "Motto." Most of the material champions Colorado, which doesn't hurt in our pre-inclined minds, but Myrical's got to take more risks if he really wants to perform miracles.


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