Napalm Death

On Leaders Not Followers: Part 2, nineteen of the most brutal speedcore, Satanic-metal and thrash songs ever recorded are drained of all life and transformed into uninspired, generic filler. Grindcore progenitor Napalm Death takes time off from its usual relentless assault to pay tribute once again to some of the genre's greatest inspirations: Discharge, Siege, Anti Cimex, Sepultura, Agnostic Front and many more. Unfortunately, this boring collection has far more educational than musical value. The ever-changing Napalm Death lineup gives each of the would-be ferocious tracks the same paint-by-numbers treatment while Mark "Barney" Greenway croaks along incoherently. As a buyer's guide to extreme music that has organized religion, the war machine and conformity locked in its sights, Leaders Not Followers is indispensable, but as a record in its own right, it's mind-numbingly dull. Print the track listing from your favorite website and save your money up to buy the original gems.


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