Nathaniel Rateliff gets four stars in MoJo

Nathaniel Rateliff gets four stars in MoJo

Growing up in rural Missouri, it's doubtful that the prospect of being written up in the pages of prestigious publications like the New York Times ever crossed Nathaniel Rateliff's mind. That said, you've gotta think that the thought of one day having his music reviewed in the pages of Mojo, one of the world's foremost and most well regarded music magazines, was even less of a consideration.

But there it is on page 105 of the September issue, and not just a review, but a four star send up that mentions Rateliff in the same breath as one of music's most revered and timeless voices. "The first thing you notice is Rateliff's voice -- a sinuous, hard-edged, highly individual instrument," writes Fred Dellar, before later concluding, "Johnny Cash would've loved it." Read the full review after the jump.

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