Nervesandgel quits smoking, releases new video for "Scrub Scrub Scrub"

It's been said that quitting smoking is harder than kicking heroin. Johnny Wolfhart is in the midst of his own battle with cigarettes and decided to make a video in response to the irritation that comes with kicking the habit. Wolfhart, aka Nervesandgel (aka the guy who played a show at Starbucks last month), has released his first-ever video, a visual eye-burner for the track "Scrub Scrub Scrub."

"Basically, I quit smoking and needed to lock myself in my room and do something," Wolfhart says of the video's birth. "I was in there for, like, twelve hours a day for a week," he reports, adding that visual creation was "the most tedious, awful thing I've ever done."

Using his iPhone to capture the kaleidoscopic images, Wolfhart then blended them together with some pictures of dogs -- and a few images of Jennifer Love Hewitt he dug up from the Internet. Wolfhart says his intent was to create a headache-inducing strobe-light effect, channeling some of his physical and mental reaction to going smokeless.

"Scrub Scrub Scrub" is available for free; in addition, Six Wands -- more than a decade's worth of Nervesandgel's music -- can be downloaded directly from his website, also gratis.


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