New Reason for Show Cancellation: The Price of Gas

New Reason for Show Cancellation: The Price of Gas

Acts that call off previously scheduled concerts typically do so for predictable reasons: injury, illness, slow sales and so on. But the notice that went out regarding the cancellation of a June 20 gig at the hi dive featuring Michael Dean Damron (pictured) and Thee Loyal Bastards broke new ground. According to In Music We Trust's Alex Steininger, one of the straightest shooters in the music business, the performers were forced to pull out due to the astronomical cost of fuel.

Here's the e-mail's text:

Due to high gas prices and the economics of being in a touring rock band, Michael Dean Damron & Thee Loyal Bastards are regrettably, and very last minute, canceling their gig in Denver at The Hi-Dive on June 20th.

We're VERY sorry for any inconveniences and troubles this may cause you. The band really wanted to do the show, but had to cancel the second half of their tour because they just couldn't afford to it.

Talk about a depressing sign of the times. -- Michael Roberts


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