Newcomers Home

There's no end in sight to the acoustic revival, which is a lucky break for local-but-touring band Newcomers Home. Traditional, gently trickling guitar melodies and well-worn influences permeate the band's second CD, In the Hour, which places the trio within the general sanctuary of Americana-style folk. More safely bland than strongly seasoned, the tracks move along without much to anchor them. Light, aerated chords breeze past with barely a whisper, and Katie Herzig's vocals soothe without sticking. Banjo, mandolin, spoons and other accessories are paraded out like an assortment of colored balloons, dancing and twirling, dancing and twirling. Newcomers Home ride the wave of simplistic, old-timey music that's currently washing through the country, though the band won't make converts out of anyone who isn't already devoted to the style.


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