Nick Oliveri

It might be hard to believe that Nick Oliveri has a soft side. The maniacal former member of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age — and current leader of the vicious Mondo Generator, as well as an occasional member of the Dwarves — has long been infamous for his brutal rock, corrosive voice and a knack for getting naked on stage. On his own, Oliveri has released two albums, including 2008's Death Acoustic. As the title indicates, this isn't some softly strummed, six-string confessional; even undistorted, Oliveri's songs feel edgy and evil. But although he imbues the tunes with the same sense of darkness and danger that he's brought to all of his projects, he plays the acoustic guitar with a forceful, measured desperation that's often more intense than a stage full of double-stacks and screaming punks. And with his voice toned down to a husky whisper, Oliveri sounds like a demon leaning over your shoulder, ready to give you another earful of poison.


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