Nick Warren

There's something innately impressive about being the DJ with the most releases in the Global Underground series, arguably the best known and best respected series of DJ mix albums. And Nick Warren (due at the Church on Thursday, November 1) has six excellent releases in the collection. Those mixes, coupled with his list of residencies, including the world-famous Cream, speak volumes about his deft skill at working a dance floor. He's created a nice niche for himself within the subtler, more melodic and restrained side of progressive house, but he's not afraid to stray into down-tempo or minimal house territory from time to time. In addition to being a well-established remixer and producer with a number of excellent tracks and remixes out under his own name, in collaboration with other producers such as Jimmy Van M and in his Way Out West project, Warren's also recently become the head of A&R for Hope Records, a position that will let him bring his skill at selecting top tunes into an even more influential arena.


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