Ninth and Lincoln with Cuong Vu

With Ninth and Lincoln's 2008's self-titled debut, founder and composer Tyler Gilmore pushed the boundaries of what a large jazz ensemble could do. But that album feels somewhat conservative compared to Gilmore's compositions on Static Line. He's developed considerably as a composer in the past couple of years, moving further from jazz and incorporating more classical, minimalist, rock and experimental elements into his pieces. The album serves as an ideal vehicle for Cuong Vu, a trumpeter who's performed with heavies like Pat Metheny and David Bowie, and who adds remarkable playing throughout. Made up of four Gilmore originals that borrow partly from World War II soldier songs and hymns and two modern, textural renderings of the World War II-era pop hits "We'll Meet Again" and "I'll Be Seeing You," Static Line proves that the 28-year-old Gilmore is on his way to being a major force in the composing and arranging world. (Read more about Gilmore on page 47.)


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