No Fair Fights

Surveying similar terrain as bands like Autumn to Ashes, No Fair Fights returns after five years with a fierce new album. The Sound of Burning Bridges finds the band even more refined, with impeccably groomed vocals, drums that bear the distinct stamp of Dave Otero — who mixed and mastered the recording — and serrated guitars with riffs and tones that recall everyone from In Flames to Stryper. While all of the songs possess a striking degree of melodicism, the act's inherent pop sensibilities are clearly apparent on a faithful rendition of "Kiss From a Rose," an anomalous Seal cover. From the existential hand-wringing that takes place on tracks like "Sky on Fire" to the poignant reflections on "Chemical Emotions," which deals with the numbing effects of being medicated for unspecified maladies, No Fair Fights also shows notable depth in its lyrics, making for an impressive followup overall.


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