Noah Pred at the b.side lounge

Toronto-based DJ/producer Noah Pred produces music in 3D — dirty, dark and danceable. You could also describe it as 3W, as in weird, wobbly and WOW! Specifically, his original material is full of distorted, ever-evolving timbres; shifting, irresistible rhythms; and creepy, off-kilter snatches of melody. His sound is a deep, inviting take on minimal techno, and it works just as well lying on your back with headphones as it does throwing down in front of a giant speaker. As a DJ, Pred mixes a similar aesthetic, charting records from producers like Swayzak, Samuel L. Session and Claude Von Stroke. Outside of techno, he's also made a name for himself as Shen, a producer of psychedelic down-tempo, but when he plays Communikey's New Year's Eve event at the b. side lounge in Boulder, he'll bring in the new year with a live set of banging 4/4 beat and plenty of wobbly bass.


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