Once upon a time, disc jockeys perched behind their turntable pulpits were worshiped like gods. Effortlessly blending one bone-rattling beat into another, they somehow managed to miraculously set thousands of wallflowers into nearly perpetual motion. Now that DJs are a dime a dozen, though, electronic musicians who perform some portion of their sets "live" are infinitely more compelling. Australian breakbeat trio NuBreed is one of those acts. The threesome is made up of Jase Catherine, Michael Walburgh and Danny Bonnici; each honed his chops in Melbourne's rock and hip-hop scenes before hooking up to collaborate on electronica. Phil K, a resident at Melbourne nightclub Sunny Side Up, converts Catherine and his cohorts with the breakbeat home stretches of his closing sets. (For a taste test of the Down Under sound, log on to the iTunes of dance music, New day. NuBreed.


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