Nuts & Berries at Larimer Lounge

This project has all the hallmarks of something conceived alone in someone's bedroom. And on stage, Brad Turner solo with his laptop is hardly the stuff of which rock-and-roll legends are made. But anyone with the nerve to get on stage in the first place knows it takes guts to get up in front of people even with just an acoustic guitar. That fact makes Turner, who performs under the name Nuts & Berries (and who will be at the Larimer Lounge on Wednesday, December 17) one of the gutsiest performers around. And yet guts are rarely enough to make a songwriter worthwhile. Fortunately, Turner's lush, delicate yet powerful electro-pop songs strike a fresh chord in the crowded realm of singer-songwriters. His spare voice is surprisingly melodious and affecting, and comparing him to anyone else seems inappropriate. Nonetheless, fans of Gary Numan and Laurie Anderson will appreciate his techno-organic soundscaping.


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