Oakland's Beats Antique opens for Glitch Mob on Halloween at the Fillmore

If you caught Oakland's Beats Antique at Monolith Music Festival last year, then you've experienced the catchy world melodies and danceable rhythms this trio throws down. David Satori and Sidecar Tommy Cappel use a plethora of instruments — guitar, keyboard, electronic banjo, electronic percussion, drums, toy piano, viola, sax and others — to create the mood, while composer/arranger/belly-dancer Zoë Jakes entertains the crowd by blending hip-hop, jazz and other modern dance styles in with her ancient hip-twitching skills. (Beats Antique came together to create music for Miles Copeland's Bellydance Superstars project; the band's Collide album was released on the Copeland label.) Technically speaking, the genre is downtempo, but with elements of flamenco, gypsy jazz, reggae, dubstep, hip-hop and Balkan wedding music thrown in to create a hypnotic, dramatic tapestry of sound. Catch the theatrical, sometimes ominous tunes on a perfect night for them, when Beats Antique opens for the Glitch Mob at the Fillmore on Halloween.


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