Oblio Duo

For creative people, being lonely can be a boon or a curse; they tend to either dwell on their isolation or channel their feelings into art. Oblio Duo's latest effort continues down the trail blazed on its debut release. The Flag is filled with the kind of music you imagine being written by people bonding through melancholic reflection of the good times and bad that have slipped through their fingers. On the title track and "Outsides," you can hear an underlying fondness and longing for experiences capable of touching the heart. Painting the world with sepia tones, the Duo projects grand vistas through a hazy lens that takes the edge off a little, allowing you to endure even the most sharply painful slings and arrows life has to throw your way. Fans of Sparklehorse and Wilco will surely pledge allegiance to The Flag's less-traditional brand of Americana.


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