Ocean Bed

A band's pedigree is no sure sign of the quality of its music, nor is it a sure indication of the type of music it produces today. Nonetheless, the members of the Ocean Bed have a collective resumé that undermines such notions. The act features Albuquerque music-scene veterans Johnny Cassidy, formerly of the experimental Venus Diablo; Ryan Holmes, who is known to have drummed for the Shins on tour; and John Shoe, who also played with Cassidy in the highly underrated Denver power-pop band Palisades. The Ocean Bed (due at the Larimer Lounge this Sunday, May 18), which began life as Firstone but switched handles after an extended hiatus, has crafted an achingly beautiful sound that recalls Pygmalion-era Slowdive and the more contemplative side of Mercury Rev, resulting in songs that embody the mystery and grandeur of its new name.


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