Octave spins live on January 8 at Casselman's Bar & Venue

Up-and-coming minimalist techno artist Octave hails from Paris and is gaining traction at clubs in Germany, Greece and the Netherlands, as well. On this side of the pond, meanwhile, his "Past Flash" track was included on techno god Richie Hawtin's album Sounds From Can Elles. Octave's version of techno is clean and precise, opening with whispers, clicks, rustlings and croaks that intersect the sharp staccato beats. The mood he produces is eerie, vaguely unsettling and undeniably catchy, guiding listeners through a twilight of alien noises. Octave has been experimenting with turntables since 2003 and producing his own tracks since 2007, always concentrating on minimal techno, and his knowledge and skill of the subgenre shines through in his sets. He'll appear in all his live PA glory at Droid Steps on Saturday, January 8, at Casselman's, 2620 Walnut Street.


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