Of God and Science

Befitting its namesake, Albuquerque's of God and Science has a somewhat convoluted musical identity. While some of its songs recall the polished garage pop and psychedelia of the retro-leaning Elephant 6 outfits that emerged during the '90s, others conjure a detached, spacey ambience that owes a debt to OK Computer-era Radiohead or have a whispery quality that evokes the languid peace of winter, like snowdrifts blowing on a sunlit day. As divergent as Of God and Science's sound is, however, at its core lies a rhythm-driven minimalist pop that anchors it all. The resulting dynamism is pleasantly surprising, and far more interesting than the work of most artists who cover similar ground. Catch Of God and Science at the Lounge this Friday, when it shares a bill with Joshua Novak and Landlordland.


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