Of Montreal is dressed to thrill.

Of Montreal

While Of Montreal has gotten quite a rep for its highly visual shows, the Athens, Georgia-based indie-pop group looks like it's pulling out all the stops on this current jaunt in support of Skeletal Lamping. Judging from recent tour accounts, the act is turning its shows into theatrical, psychedelic, aural orgies of sorts, with bandmembers and others dressed up as priests, nuns, buddhas, ballerinas, ninjas, cowboys, animals and more. And speaking of animals, singer Kevin Barnes caused quite a stir in New York City last month when he sang "St. Exquisite's Confessions" while sitting on a white horse. As far as the band's music being on par with its performances, well, Of Montreal could do nothing but play tracks from the super-deluxe Skeletal Lamping and it would still be a stellar show.


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