The video for "Oh My," the first single from A Night at the Ritz, the latest CD by Chicago's Office, toys with soft-core-porn scenarios — but instead of climaxing with a money shot, it ends with the bandmates jumping for joy. The conclusion serves as a corollary to the band's approach, which is more about power-popping good times than sonic sleaze. On numbers such as "Company Calls," melody is job one, and the Office mates (joined on this bill by Tigercity and Via Audio) accomplish the task through teamwork. Main man Scott Masson's cheeky singing is supplemented by Jessica Gonyea's background harmonies, the tuneful guitar playing of Masson and Tom Smith, and drumming by Erica Corniel that comes complete with its own hooks. That's no surprise, though, since practically all of Night's notes and beats are catchy without being cloying. If every Office was like this, more of us would volunteer to stay late.


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