Oh My God

Post-grunge keyboard ballads don't exactly fulfill the grunge-comeback prophecy whispered by music journalists over the past few years. And yet Chicago's Oh My God is about the most viable revivalist of mid-'90s sturm und drang around today — due mostly to a vocal style that growls and thunders like a gravelly mixture of every Cobain disciple of the past fifteen years. But what sets it apart is organ: Oh My God's dynamic, dare-we-call-them-groovy songs drip with thick clusters of keys in addition to distorted bass and no shortage of impeccable pop craftsmanship. Sure, some of the funkier moments of the band's upcoming The Night Undoes the Work of the Day come across like a threesome of Ben Folds, Faith No More and Stone Temple Pilots — but OMG's new guitarist, Zach Verdoorn, adds plenty of mid-level riffage that bumps the group into its own weird rock orbit.


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