Old 97's (emphasis on "old").

Old 97's

It's virtually impossible to utter the words "alt-country" without mentioning Old 97's. It's hard to say who was first, but Old 97's were clearly at the forefront of the movement that managed to revive the rock-infused country of the '60s while imparting it with a DIY aesthetic. Eighteen years later, the band is still trudging along with significant cult status — hence this two-night stand at the Bluebird. The group's newest record, The Grand Theatre Vol. 1, is a bit more unfocused then its previous work, but that's mostly due to the fact the 97's are clearly embracing all of their personalities at once: From honky-tonk to cow punk, this is not a record where you know what to expect at every turn. With two nights of rock to deliver, Old 97's are sure to offer up an entertainingly diverse set.


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