Old Radio at the Skylark

Eric Peterson and Patrick Kelly were part of the promising experimental rock band Roger, Roll. Caught somewhere between minimalist Americana and dream pop, Roger, Roll perfectly captured a wistful sense of wonder unsullied by crass everyday considerations. After an extended absence, Kelly returned and collaborated with Peterson on their next project, Old Radio (due on Friday, February 12, at the Skylark). The pastoral elegance of Roger, Roll has become part of the new band's sound, but Peterson, Kelly and their bandmates have fused their influences into an even more cohesive whole. Recalling the rainy-day grandeur of acts like Codeine and Red House Painters, Old Radio may sound like sad-bastard music to many, but for those of us who don't mind a bit of melancholia in our music, this outfit has a cornucopia of gorgeously lush songwriting.


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